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Dockside, Wharf Road,
Stanley, Tasmania



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Businesses for Sale.

  • Stanley Seal Cruise

  • Stanley Dockside Cafe with Waterfront Freehold land.(approx  944 sq mt)

  • Bargain Car Rentals

Price on application.
Businesses can be purchased as seperate identities.
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Nothing in nature is ever guaranteed, but since the commencement of Stanley Seal Cruises in 1999, we ALWAYS see Australian Fur Seals.

The Cruise

The 75 minute return Eco cruise on the 40 ft. MC Sylvia C, with Skippers Darryl or ‘Wog” - located Wharf Road, At Fishermans’ Dock, takes you to Bull Rock, via the nearby rocky outcrop - The Cow and Calf.
Min 6 Adults   Max 23  passengers
Bookings highly recommended. Bookings can be taken over the phone with credit card details and a contact name and number - Call now : 0419 550 134 OR (03) 6458 1294


ADULT: $55.00
CHILDREN 5/15yrs : $18
CHILDREN U/5yrs : $10
FAMILY: $150 (2 Adults & 3 Children - Under 15)

ADULT $55.00
CHILDREN 5/15yrs $18.00
CHILDREN U/5yrs $10.00
New* FAMILY: (2 Adults & 3 Children - Under 15) $150.00


10am  & 3pm   (1st September – 30th April)
1pm                  (1st May  -  17th July )
CLOSED          (18th July  -  31st August )    and  Christmas Day



See them in the Wild

Australian Fur Seals use Bull Rock as their ‘haul-out’ or ‘holiday’ rock in Seal terms.

The breeding grounds for Australian Fur Seals are Reid Rocks, located in the North West and Tenth Island in the North East. They rest, lie in the sun, and frolick in the water. The Seals travel up to 350kms to feed. Their diet includes squid, small fish and crustasions, and can consume up to one fifth of their body weight at any one time.

The Great White Shark is the natural preditor of the Australian Fur Seal.

The Bull Seals vary in size from 200-350kgs, while the females are around 180-200kgs.
The Pups are born between November 15 and December 30 each year. They range in size from 7-9kgs at birth. The Pups suckle the female up to 12 months. At approximately 6-8 weeks, The Pups have retained enough body fat and weight, at which time they are ready to enter the water.
Twin Pups have been born on Bull Rock, which is very rare, but in one year 3 sets have been sighted.

Bull Rock, not being a breeding ground, Seals can be viewed within 100 metres of the Rock, and seals approach the boat on arrival.
Black Faced Cormorants, Pacific Gulls, Oyster Catchers, and Arctic Turns can also be viewed at Bull Rock.

Australasian Gannets if following their food chain close to shore, and Bottle Nose Dolphins are often viewed on the cruise.


The Shearwater/Mutton Birds (up to 30,000 breed on top of The Nut), have been sighted occasionally feeding in a ‘raft’ during the day, close to shore.
The Amazing Southern Right Whales (usually the female and calf) during their migration south occasionally are sighted around Bull Rock and the base of The Nut.

ALL the above providing a wonderful unique photo opportunity ------ CLOSE UP !!!!!!!

Views of the 125 metre towering sheer cliff face of The Nut, (13 million year old plug of a volcano), the rugged coastline and Stanley Village can also be viewed on the cruise.

On returning to the dock, enjoy a good coffee, light lunch, cake etc. in the Dockside Cafe where Heather will welcome you --- Be sure to ask about and/or enjoy ---

QUOTE - “Tasmania’s BEST Hamburger”

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